Do you desire something more? This might be a good place to start.

The work of spiritual formation, where we break down barriers, confront distorted views, and embrace our identity, is not quick and easy. It takes time, and our normal journey is nine months long. But time constraints and fear of the unknown can be roadblocks to the longer journey.

We created the Six-Week Study Series as a more accessible “taster” of the longer journey. Each study is a key topic within spiritual formation and allows you to get a feel for Theodyssey. Not just in concepts, but also in style.

These Six-Week Studies have the same intentionality and intensity as our normal curriculum, but are self-directed with a shorter time commitment.

Current Six-Week Studies:

  • Living a Sabbath Rhythm
    The biggest spiritual challenge of our age is creating the availability to have a relationship with God. The heart of the Sabbath found in the Bible is a healthy rhythm. How do we live a balanced life with margin to hear God’s invitations? This is a practical and challenging conversation.
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  • Praying for Real: Psalm 119:33-40
    What does it look like to go after ‘real’ faith? Psalm 119:33-40 provides an unfiltered look at the nuts-and-bolts of an authentic, transforming friendship with God: straightedge dialogue, unvarnished self-awareness, raw humility, and a risky openness to ‘what can be.’
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