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“Make your home in me, and I will make my home in you.” – Jesus

EXPLORATION 18 | We Choose to Bow

Spiritual Direction

A car has many components which must function together for it to run. Similarly, a transforming friendship with Jesus depends on the proper “working” of many and various underlying dynamics: proper expectations, understanding of God, our identity, emotional and theological obstacles, and more. We are exploring 50 different themes that impact our journey toward making our home in Christ.


Our inner posture toward Jesus is crucial. We cannot manufacture a relationship with him through our efforts. Jesus reminds us that we are entirely dependent upon him: “Apart from me you can do nothing.”[1] His half-brother James comments that the key is humility: “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”[2]

Though a million voices choose to deny You
We choose to bow!
Though a thousand thoughts seek to rise above You
We cast them down!
Though they deny that we all are sinful
Though they proclaim God is in us all
Though we are told we don’t need a Savior
Humbly now, at Your feet we fall
We choose to bow, we choose to sing
We choose to crown You the King of kings
We are not God, we say out loud
Only to You do we choose to bow[3]


What is our role in cultivating a transforming friendship with Jesus? Describe this.

  1. John 15:5b.
  2. James 4:10.
  3. Hymn, We Choose to Bow, by Dan Adler.