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“Make your home in me, and I will make my home in you.” – Jesus

EXPLORATION 32 Waterfall

Spiritual Direction

Transforming friendships are developed through personal encounter. Sometimes, being present to the moment can make us feel vulnerable. Instead of remaining in the moment attentive to what Jesus is doing, we slide into introspection rooted in fear. Introspection allows us to control our experience, where mystery and the invitations of Jesus become only what we allow them to be. There is little opportunity for the warmth of Jesus to penetrate a heart locked and shuttered by analysis.


Imagine standing at the base of a 200-foot waterfall. The unrestrained force and thundering roar of cascading water engulf us in a canopy of awe. A lacy silver-white mist levitates around the edges, sparkling like diamonds reflecting the sun. The experience is more than its pieces. It’s transcendent—transporting us beyond ourselves and stirring something deep within us. Encountering Jesus can similarly move us.

When we have learned to live in our heads—where our experience of life is filtered through the grid of reason and logic—it is difficult to welcome even the idea of mystery. Instead, we try to control our experience through analysis. We dip a metaphorical measuring cup into the waterfall to capture a sample. In the pursuit of analysis, we forsake wonder. Meanwhile, mystery flows on—unnoticed and unencountered. Though our minds may protect us from painful interactions with our emotions and provide a way to control how we experience life, they can also insulate us from encountering God at work within us.


Describe a time when you experienced the transcendent presence of Jesus.