“Make your home in me, and I will make my home in you.” – Jesus

Orientation (Part 2)

Here are some logistics and background for the journey ahead.

Format for Explorations

Every Tuesday and Friday, you will receive a one-page Exploration via email. Each Exploration has three parts:

Spiritual Direction
We’ll make the connection between each Exploration and the bigger picture; share insights and encouragements for navigating untraveled terrain; call out hazards waiting on the road ahead; and help give meaning to the sights and signs we encounter.

We’ll study different sections of Scripture and explore a wealth of wisdom from ancient Christian writers. The content is simple, engaging, and short.

Each question targets the “heart”—the inner person. This is hard work, but much needed to build the muscles of authentic faith. Keeping a journal might be helpful. You decide.

Mindset: Parts and Connections

‘Gears’ is a simple way to imagine the moving parts involved in an intimate friendship with Jesus.

And there are many! What are the necessary components? How do they fit together? What if one is missing?

The Apostle Paul is especially helpful in explaining these ‘gears,’ with His insights about both the human heart and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

Slowing Down

Without slowing down and living present to the moment, we may never know Jesus’ invitations.

If we are not aware of Jesus’ invitations, we cannot respond to them, leaving us with a self-directed spiritual life entirely dependent upon personal effort.

The fact that only 0.5% of Christians ever grow into loving God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind; and just 0.5% ever develop a wholehearted love for their neighbor, is the likely result of busy, well-intentioned Christian men and women living self-directed religious lives.

The structure of Finding Home is meant to be an aid in slowing down.

  • Notice: no book. No reading ahead, no bingeing on information, no controlling the process, no overachieving, no proving yourself. Relax.
  • Explorations arrive via email every Tuesday and Friday. The several days in-between are the gift of time and space to do the hard work.
  • What’s with seven months? We pray that this might be just enough time for you to establish a new way of being.

This may be a very challenging season. It can’t change your life unless it is.


Walk in a Group

Invite others to take this journey with you. Travel together. Meet as frequently as you want. Find a place to gather in-person or online, share your experience, and pray with one another. Keep it simple. Christ meets us in community with uncommon expressions of hope and grace.


What will slowing down cost you?