Imagine an authentic relationship with God.


It starts with heart’s desire for ‘something more’: Sometimes a brassy, unruly longing; or a reluctant inner stirring; or a quiet dissatisfaction when life is going well.

We have to sort out who God really is, letting go of inadequate and distorted images, and risking new possibilities.

This is friendship, not religion. It is not about knowing all the answers, having it all together, or anxiously performing to earn approval. It starts with God meeting us in the ‘mess of our unfixedness’ and calling us ‘Beloved.’

Welcome to Theodyssey, a made up word (aren’t they all?): a combination of theos, God, and odyssey, a wandering and eventful journey. We help others on their own wandering, eventful journey with God.

We do Christian spiritual formation, the messy but authentic process of being conformed to the image of Jesus for the sake of others. We partner with individuals, small groups, and churches to explore the possibilities of a transforming friendship with Jesus.

Are you longing for ‘something more’? We would love to hear from you.


Candid Conversations

In the midst of navigating these unique time, we need connection. We need to be reminded that we are in this together.

Theodyssey Podcast

Stay connected through the Theodyssey Podcast, found in most major podcast apps as well as in our phone app. We explore spiritual formation through questions, discussions, and stories. Regardless of location, join the conversation!

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Pray As You Go

A 10-13 minute daily prayer session combining music, scripture and reflection questions.

Compline St. Marks Cathedral

A capella choral music fills St. Mark’s cathedral in Seattle, WA each Sunday evening for the weekly Compline service.

The Bible Project

Animated videos, 5-10 min. long, that explore the unifying story throughout Scripture.

Prayer Requests

We have a team of people ready to pray for and with you.