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Tyrannus Hall

The Hall of Tyrannus may be the biggest undertold story in the Bible.

About AD 55, the Apostle Paul returns to the bustling city of Ephesus. When his efforts to teach in the synagogue are rebuffed, Paul rents a hall from Tyrannus, where he teaches about Christ using scripture … analysis … creative thinking … Socratic teaching … and personal shepherding. And over the next two years, Paul’s ministry impacts over two million people! (Acts 19:8-10). The Hall of Tyrannus was not a church or substitute for a church. It was part of a movement to raise up transformational Christ-followers during a key moment history, much like today.

Vision and Overview for 2023-24

Small Group Leaders Certificate

      • Online Bootcamp and Workshops
      • Reading and reflection paper
      • Being Mentored
      • Lead a 9-month Small Group
      • $100 + Leadership Cards

Next cohort will start summer of 2024.

Applications are now open!

Certificate in Spiritual Formation Leadership

      • Participate in some or all of the offerings
      • Six-week Learning Modules (w/ weekend retreat):
        • Teaching to the Gaps
        • Spiritual Listening
        • Self-Knowledge Intensive
        • The Trellis
      • Psychological testing w/ feedback sessions
      • Integration Paper
      • $400/module

Our Next Six-Week Learning Module, Self Knowledge Intensive, will start January 2025.

If this is your first Learning Module, applications are now open!