Theodyssey is a made up word (aren’t they all?) a combination of theos, God, and odyssey, a wandering and eventful journey.

Spiritual seekers long for “something more.” Their inner compass points beyond programs, formulas, and sermons about “how to have a successful life.” They long for the reality of God in their lives.

When it comes to the Christian life, what would it look like if:

  • Spirituality meant being attentive and responsive to the invitations of Jesus
  • Presence was valued more than propositions?
  • Receptivity was exercised more than control?
  • Obedience was practiced more than observation?
  • Formation was as important as information?
  • Encounter was prized as much as exegesis?
  • Whole life transformation replaced “believing”?
  • Loving others was the measure of spiritual maturity?

God invites us on a meandering, and often messy, adventure full of joy, heartbreak, freedom, confusion, and hope. It is not easy, but it is worth it.

The Spiritual Journey

What does spiritual growth look like? What does it mean to follow Jesus? God guides each of us with unique invitations as He conforms us to His image for the sake of others.

Every spiritual journey has essential landmarks along the way. An authentic friendship with God emerges as you address distorted views, establish healthy patterns, and find hope and freedom through the truth of God’s love.


Theodyssey Curriculum

Spiritual formation happens by exploring topics vital in understanding our faith journey. We have a nine-month journey through the ten fundamental conversations, as well as short-term studies highlighting various aspects of spiritual formation.

Small Groups

Big things happen in small groups: authentic, trusting environments where we can do real life together. ‘Real’ is an important word; so is ‘messy.’ Both are signposts along the road to renovation.

Leadership Training

A challenging one-year program equips Christ-followers from every walk of life with practical skills, biblical knowledge, and personal spiritual formation to guide others in the process of becoming all that God created them to be.

Farmer’s Co-op

An ongoing community of alumni from the Nine-Month Journey who are learning how to live as transformational Christ-followers within their local setting. We create opportunities for connection, growth, and training.