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Day 1 | Monday | DESIRE

Tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Church says that King David wrote Psalm 119 to teach his young son, Solomon, the alphabet for writing as well as the ‘ABC’s’ of the spiritual life. It’s a primer on how to interact with God.

It’s honest, at times even raw, suggesting that God is at home in our unfixedness.

Psalm 119: 37 is a prayer for “something more.”

37 Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity,

Meaning: “That which has no ultimate reality, is useless, empty, and of no value.”

And revive me in Your ways.

Literally, “make me alive again according to Your designs.”


What would it look like for God to make you fully “alive again”? And what would need to change for that to happen? Pray, and ask God to show you.