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Day 21 | Sunday | PARTY

If we forget to rest we will work too hard and forget our more tender mercies, forget those we love, forget our children and our natural wonder. God says: Please don’t. It is a waste of a tremendous gift I have given you. If you knew the value of your life, you would not waste a single breath. So I give you this commandment: Remember to rest. This is not a lifestyle suggestion, but a commandment—as important as not stealing, not murdering, or not lying. Remember to play and bless, and dance and eat with those you love, and take comfort, easy and long, in this gift of sacred rest.

—Wayne Muller

“If you watch your step on the Sabbath
    and don’t use my holy day for personal advantage,
If you treat the Sabbath as a day of joy,
    God’s holy day as a celebration,
If you honor it by refusing ‘business as usual,’
    making money, running here and there—
Then you’ll be free to enjoy God!
    Oh, I’ll make you ride high and soar above it all.

—Isaiah 58:13-14 (The Message)


Sabbath Meal:  Prepare a favorite meal—alone, with friends, or family. Shop for your favorite ingredients that bring you the most pleasure. Make a meal for sheer, savory delight. Put on some music, turn off the phone. Take as much time as you like. Decorate the table with flowers, colorful placemats, and candles. Say a prayer and give thanks for all that God has blessed you with. And enjoy!