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Alive to God in Scripture. Have you experienced that lately?

We have been trained to approach Scripture from an information mindset, where we analyze the content, discern the meaning, and apply it to our lives. We are in control. What if we went beyond information and allowed Scripture to form us more into the image of Christ? What if we truly met God as we read the Bible? This requires us to slow down and sit in a passage.

Intrigued? Hungry? Join us for some or all of the journey. This is an invitation, not an expectation. Excited to have you.

Each week:

  • Interact with written and audio resources to inform and guide your journey.
  • Put it into practice. Trust the process. Persevere.
  • Discuss with friends on the journey with you.

Questions about the process or the specific passage?  Email

Two months. One passage:
Ephesians 3:14-21.

week 1

Alive to God in Scripture / READ

Introducing the Alive to God in Scripture process. There is a rich history to the journey we are on!

Starting the process of READ. There is more to this than we think


What is missing as I read the Bible?
The history of God transforming us through Scripture.
How do we recapture what has been lost?
The map of how to bring the beauty hagah into today’s culture.
What translation should I use?
A quick summary of options with recommendations.
Ephesians 3:14-21 for Download
The NASB version to mark up and take notes.


Where are we going?
A conversation about the journey ahead.

week 2

READ / Guardrails

Learning the key guardrails that help us discern the author’s intent within a passage. It is definitely complex, but more accessible than we may realize.

Context. Genre. Meaning. Congruence.


How do I read the Bible for the sake of formation?
Learn how to slow down while reading, which is harder than we think.
Where do I even start when determining the meaning of a passage?
There are 4 key guardrails that guide our process of interpretation.


How do I read for the sake of formation?
Some helpful insight into a new approach to reading.
How do I know the meaning of a passage?
Four key guardrails to help guide us towards the meaning.

week 3

THINK: Ephesians 3:14-16

Learning how to identify sections and study key words/phrases. The exploration for the meaning of the passage is underway!

Riches of His Glory. Strengthened. Power. Inner man.


How do I approach the process of THINK?
Guidelines for approaching the three-week journey ahead.
How do I use BibleHub?
Clear steps on how to use this online tool.


Where do we start with guardrails?
Discussing context and genre at the beginning of a passage.

week 4

THINK: Ephesians 3:17-19

Continuing the study of key words and phrases.

Dwell in your hearts through faith. Rooted/grounded in love. Comprehend. Breadth, length, height, depth. Surpasses knowledge. Filled up to fullness of God.


See previous week.


How do we dive into the meaning of words?
Personal reflections of meaning and other guardrails (vs. 17-19)

week 5

THINK: Ephesians 3:20-21

Continue the study of key words/phrases.

Far more abundantly beyond. Power that works within.


See resource from Week 3.


How do we bring the entire passage together?
Observing the conclusion and themes throughout the passage.

week 6

PRAY: Green and Red Arrows

Praying through what propels us forward.

What would our life look like if this was true?


How do I determine God’s invitations?
Learn the process of the Green and Red Arrows, where God speaks through desire and resistance.


How do we transition from information to formation?
Going from “What does it mean?” to “What does it mean for me?”

week 7

PRAY: Green and Red Arrows

Praying through the barriers we face.

What prevents us from living as if this was true?


See resource from previous week.


How do I use Green and Red Arrows?
Learn how to tangibly work through the Arrows to hear God’s invitations.

week 8

RESPOND: Blue and Flesh Arrows

Choosing to live as if this passage is true. How do we engage the will?

How does this inform our view of God? Of ourselves?


How do I respond to God’s invitations?
Learn the process of Respond: nothing will change without engaging the will.


What framework will help me Respond?
Blue and Flesh boxes help us know how to engage the will and choose.