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“Make your home in me, and I will make my home in you.” – Jesus

EXPLORATION 11 | What kind of faith?

Spiritual Direction

Jesus invites us to live a life transfused and flowing with his life. This kind of intimacy is the basis for a transforming friendship, which is a new concept for some. How we understand the Christian life will determine how we live out our faith. An awareness of the framework that has shaped our faith experience can clarify how to move ahead. The chart below compares three general approaches to the Christian life.

Our 7-month journey is an adventure in “discipling the heart.” Incredible possibilities are just ahead! We will explore some of the obstacles we face and how to get past them.


As we transition to exploring obstacles to a transforming friendship, this is an excellent time to revisit our context: John 15:4-11. Write it out by hand, word-for-word. Use whatever version is familiar. What words, ideas, “senses” are you aware of? Resource: Use to compare different translations.



Using the chart above, describe your spiritual journey and where you are today. Going forward, what do you most deeply desire in your relationship with Christ?