Each of us is hardwired with a desire for “something more.” Ancient Christians called this heart’s desire. It is the source of understanding our true identity and reason for being. It’s where everything about us begins.

This desire is an invitation from God.

It is not an invitation to join an institution, become a moral person, or reform society, although these are often secondary effects. Instead, it’s an invitation to a transforming friendship with Jesus.

You’re invited to a nine-week online spiritual formation journey exploring Heart’s Desire, an authentic, practical, and hopefully life-changing conversation for 21st-century Christ-followers.

  • Nine weeks starting Sept. 27 through Dec. 2
  • One-page reflections are emailed every Tuesday and Friday
  • Invite others to take the journey with you online or in person

“Heart’s Desire” Reflections

Delivered every Tuesday & Friday

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Meaning of “Christian”

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