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Each of us is hardwired with a desire for “something more.” Ancient Christians called this heart’s desire. It is the source of understanding our true identity and reason for being. It’s where everything about us begins.

This desire is an invitation from God.

It is not an invitation to join an institution, become a moral person, or reform society, although these are often secondary effects. Instead, it’s an invitation to a transforming friendship with Jesus.

Heart’s Desire is an authentic, practical, and hopefully life-changing conversation for 21st-century Christ-followers.

How do I participate? Everything you need is right here! You can journey solo or invite others to join you. Find two consistent days in the week that allow time in between for the reflections to sink in (we recommend Tuesdays and Fridays). Our recommendation is to go through this study slowly. Ideally, this would take you 8 weeks to finish as you take a few days to truly reflect on each Exploration. Take your time!

Have questions along the way? Reach out to us at:

Meaning of “Christian”

Why is there a why?


Emotional Poverty

The Way of Encounter


Embracing Mystery

Transcendent Moments

Saying “Yes” to Jesus – Part One

Saying “Yes” to Jesus – Part Two


Little Interior Glances

Guard Your Heart



Review: Part 1

Review: Part 2

Heart’s Desire is complete!