“Make your home in Me, and I will make My home in you.”

– Jesus

What does this practically mean? How does it happen? What are the ‘gears’—the inner movements— that make this kind of life possible in 21st century culture?

Finding Home is an invitation for those who long for ‘something more’.

  • September through early March.
  • One-page reflections emailed every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Simple, but profoundly engaging.
  • Podcast series and other resources to support the journey.
  • And you can invite others to take the journey with you!

Are you looking for Home? Let’s explore the possibilities of a transforming friendship with Jesus together.

“Finding Home” Reflections

Delivered every Tuesday & Friday


A Porch Without a House

Tuesday, October 12

Listening on a Rooftop

Friday, October 15


Orientation #1

Tuesday, September 7

Orientation #2

Friday, September 10

Making Our Home

Tuesday, September 14

Whole Person

Friday, September 17

Intimacy, Fruitfulness, Joy

Tuesday, September 21


Friday, September 24


Tuesday, September 28


Obstacles to Fruitfulness

Friday, October 1


Tuesday, October 5

Leaving Home

Friday, October 8