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“Make your home in me, and I will make my home in you.”

– Jesus

What does this practically mean? How does it happen? What are the ‘gears’—the inner movements— that make this kind of life possible in 21st century culture?

Finding Home is an invitation for those who long for ‘something more’.

  • One-page explorations.
  • Simple, but profoundly engaging.
  • And you can invite others to take the journey with you!

Are you looking for Home? Let’s explore the possibilities of a transforming friendship with Jesus together!

How do I participate? Everything you need is right here! You can journey solo or invite others to join you. Find two consistent days in the week that allow time in between for the Explorations to sink in (we recommend Tuesdays and Fridays). Remember, this is about slowing down and paying attention to the inner movements, not about checkboxes.

Have questions along the way? Reach out to us at:

Month 1

Orientation #1

Orientation #2

Making Our Home

Whole Person

Intimacy, Fruitfulness, Joy



Obstacles to Fruitfulness

Month 2

Leaving Home

A Porch Without a House

Listening on a Rooftop

What kind of faith?

The Day God Ran

Jesus’ Character

Charcoal Fire

Month 3

Our Experience of Jesus

The Goal of a Relationship with Jesus

Do You Want to Get Well?

We Choose to Bow

Purpose & Possibilities



Vending Machine

Month 4

Understanding Prayer

When It’s Hard to Connect:
When It’s Hard to Connect:
Two Questions
When It’s Hard to Connect:
Reworking Our Lens
When It’s Hard to Connect:
Practicing Truth

Destruction of Fortresses

Destroying Arguments

Taking Thoughts Captive

Month 5

Shopping Cart



Blueprint vs Canvas

Ice Cream Cone vs Carrot

Balloon, Beach Ball, Brick

Finding Home in the Storm

Steam Bath

Month 6

Crazy Love

Golden Delicious Apple Tree



Finding Home is complete!