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March 2016

My moment

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I remember the moment clearly. I had resistantly agreed to attend a Christmas Conference with Cru, a college ministry I connected with at Penn State. I honestly went to a bible study that freshman year out of a longing for something I couldn’t describe, but knew I didn’t want the religion that I had known.

I was listening to a few recent college graduates who had given a year of their life to travel to remote areas of the world to show the Jesus film. For some reason, God pierced through my cynicism.

Was faith more than just blindly following rules and missing out on fun in life? What if joy and adventure were part of the journey? Read More

Lent Rewired

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We are approaching the halfway point of Lent, which is unique season in our normal rhythm of life. There is so much possibility packed into this time of sacrifice and self-control, and what was once a discipline only found in specific denominations has spread more mainstream. I wanted to share a bit about what I gave up this year, and the reason behind it. 

I gave up nothing this year. And I have been doing amazing at it!

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