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March 2017

Fighting for the Middle

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Most people agree that we find ourselves in a unique time. There is anxiety and fear, loud thoughts and views, and pressure to pick a “side”. How do we anchor ourselves in tumultuous times?

I have been spending some time in a passage that feels too familiar. I memorized Phil. 4:4-8 in college, and go back to it often. But sometimes, familiarity causes the impact to diminish. The power and beauty of the passage becomes normalized.

I have been using the lexicon on Biblehub (a tool more simple than most realize) to bring out the fullness and complexity of the original language.

“Let your gentleness be evident to all.” Read More

Fruit does not always taste good

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The Nine-Month Journey has been the heart of Theodyssey for over a decade. Thousands of people have sacrificially created space in their lives for the hope of experiencing more of Jesus. The process takes incredible courage. Similar to the Israelites longing for the “known” of slavery in Egypt as they ventured towards the promised land, we often miss the comfort of “what has always been.” A deep desire for more is the only catalyst that can push us through, allowing us to cling to what is on the other side.

We always have a retreat midway through the Nine-Month journey. It is a time to get away from the demands of our lives for a weekend, dedicating time to examine and explore within community. For many, it is when things get real.

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Lean on me!

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Trellis Living.

What does that even mean? We rarely take notice of a trellis, and I doubt anybody has been inspired by walking by one.

Yet that trellis is vital for that plant to thrive and grow. It allows each vine and leaf access to the nutrients it needs.

If we approach our spiritual growth as a Farmer, our posture is different. A farmer has to partner with mystery, but still works hard to provide their crop with as much sun, water, and nutrients as possible.

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The Fighting Farmer!

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We desire to see transformational Christ-followers embedded in their local community. People equipped to bring the presence of Jesus into their spheres of influence. Men and women who live with courage in the midst of a shifting culture.

We have seen over 4000 people go through Theodyssey over the years, but we have never had a formal way to journey together beyond the initial group. It was time.

We created the Farmer’s Co-op.

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