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The Nine-Month Journey has been the heart of Theodyssey for over a decade. Thousands of people have sacrificially created space in their lives for the hope of experiencing more of Jesus. The process takes incredible courage. Similar to the Israelites longing for the “known” of slavery in Egypt as they ventured towards the promised land, we often miss the comfort of “what has always been.” A deep desire for more is the only catalyst that can push us through, allowing us to cling to what is on the other side.

We always have a retreat midway through the Nine-Month journey. It is a time to get away from the demands of our lives for a weekend, dedicating time to examine and explore within community. For many, it is when things get real.

We asked a group to respond to a prompt at the retreat to give you an idea of what God does when we create the space. The answers may lack comfort. But they are packed with purpose and transformation. Each journey is unique in it’s path and timing.

“What three words would you use to describe yourself at this point in the journey?”

Contemplative, quiet, searching

Joyful, anticipatory, grateful

Seeking, gratitude, joy

Wounded daughter-of-God

Confused, depressed, unhealthy

Free to choose

God doesn’t promise to make you feel good. He wants you to be whole. Pushing into the ‘real’ is messy and authenticity brings raw emotions. When we desire something more, to experience the presence of Jesus in our lives, we have to do the hard work of addressing distorted views, pervasive lies, and complacent approaches. Dismantling our ‘way of life’ is unnerving, but embracing what God has for us brings hope.

We celebrate what God is doing. People are being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others! We are filled with gratitude that we get to be a part of it and witness transformation.

Do you have a deep desire for more?

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