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November 2016

A Generation Hungry for God… But Not Church

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We feel a burden for the next generation. We study culture, ponder possibilities, and lose sleep to prayer. We are motivated by reaching the generation of Millennials sitting in coffee shops, sipping craft beer, caring for the environment, and finding the common good in all people. 

Why are we passionate about the next generation of Christ-followers? Many are disenfranchised with the church, walking away from the religion and image of God that was presented to them, whether intentionally or with an unknowing impact of faithful response. If we are not able to give hope of an authentic friendship with Jesus to the next generation, the voice of our loving God could blend into background noise. 

Today, we have the most unchurched generation in American history. We either go to them, and help deconstruct the barriers keeping them from Christ, or they will be lost.

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What Happened to Culture?

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Culture is fragile. Culture is shakeable. Culture is constantly shifting. And for many, hope is found in this culture. 

The results of the election caused much despair and fear, which is understandable. After an incredibly polarizing campaign, anger and disappointment was inevitable, regardless of result. And now, the spotlight on culture has brightened, exposing the vast brokenness of humanity.

This is not about making a political stance. This is not about dismissing legitimate fear and grieving. It is acknowledging that we have a divided nation because we have forgotten how to listen. Maybe unity can be found in grieving for our culture at large.


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