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Trellis Living.

What does that even mean? We rarely take notice of a trellis, and I doubt anybody has been inspired by walking by one.

Yet that trellis is vital for that plant to thrive and grow. It allows each vine and leaf access to the nutrients it needs.

If we approach our spiritual growth as a Farmer, our posture is different. A farmer has to partner with mystery, but still works hard to provide their crop with as much sun, water, and nutrients as possible.

Similarly, we need to create space for the “nutrients” we need for our own spiritual growth. How do we slow down and create

the availability to hear God’s invitations, unique to our own journey? How do we have the support and courage to respond accordingly?

Like the plant, we need a support system to anchor us. Or our growth will be guided by convenience and comfort. We propose a trellis system composed of the following three things:

Alive to God in Scripture

Do we get excited about interacting with the Bible because God’s heart and voice come alive to us? Most do not respond in the affirmative. Scripture is not just a book to guide us towards truth, but a way to interact with a personal God.

Living a Sabbath Rhythm

One of the greatest barriers to knowing God in this age is creating the availability for a relationship. With so many things demanding our attention and time, how do we slow down enough to even recognize God’s invitations?

Soul Friends

Do we have people that know us at a deep, soul level? Are they journeying with us, fighting for God’s best in our lives? Other discerning ears are vital for us discerning God’s voice.

We could create discussions about growth. Instead, we want to focus on how to grow.

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