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The Fighting Farmer!

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We desire to see transformational Christ-followers embedded in their local community. People equipped to bring the presence of Jesus into their spheres of influence. Men and women who live with courage in the midst of a shifting culture.

We have seen over 4000 people go through Theodyssey over the years, but we have never had a formal way to journey together beyond the initial group. It was time.

We created the Farmer’s Co-op.

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I Stand by the Door

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We are all have a list of Bible verses, books, and stories that have inspired us, marking key moments in our journey. There is a poem that has been an anchor for Theodyssey for a long time. A guide rail in our vision discussions. You can find the entire poem HERE, but we wanted to share the first section as a taste.

I stand by the door.
I neither go to far in, nor stay to far out.
The door is the most important door in the world –
It is the door through which men walk when they find God. Read More

A Generation Hungry for God… But Not Church

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We feel a burden for the next generation. We study culture, ponder possibilities, and lose sleep to prayer. We are motivated by reaching the generation of Millennials sitting in coffee shops, sipping craft beer, caring for the environment, and finding the common good in all people. 

Why are we passionate about the next generation of Christ-followers? Many are disenfranchised with the church, walking away from the religion and image of God that was presented to them, whether intentionally or with an unknowing impact of faithful response. If we are not able to give hope of an authentic friendship with Jesus to the next generation, the voice of our loving God could blend into background noise. 

Today, we have the most unchurched generation in American history. We either go to them, and help deconstruct the barriers keeping them from Christ, or they will be lost.

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What Happened to Culture?

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Culture is fragile. Culture is shakeable. Culture is constantly shifting. And for many, hope is found in this culture. 

The results of the election caused much despair and fear, which is understandable. After an incredibly polarizing campaign, anger and disappointment was inevitable, regardless of result. And now, the spotlight on culture has brightened, exposing the vast brokenness of humanity.

This is not about making a political stance. This is not about dismissing legitimate fear and grieving. It is acknowledging that we have a divided nation because we have forgotten how to listen. Maybe unity can be found in grieving for our culture at large.


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What is a Storyteller??

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A storyteller? What is that? I receive that question a lot when the inevitable discussion comes up about my line of work. And I’m sure many others connected to Theodyssey are wondering the same thing.

Am I a politician or a salesman, because they love telling stories? No. Do I read children’s books at the local library? Maybe, but not related to Theodyssey.

So why would Theodyssey choose to hire a Storyteller? Since we desire to create a culture where everyone is a “storyteller”, we thought we would share some vision.

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The Annoyance of Grace

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Grace can be so elusive. Not because of the character of grace, which is abundant and available, but because of the barriers we have put up. Whether the voices in our head that push performance, the demands of the culture, or just the completely illogical notion of grace, we have a hard time grasping and taking hold of what has been lavished upon us. 

Our clan of 5 went back to visit my family in Pennsylvania this summer and luckily our trip coincided with the annual celebration for the town of Intercourse. So many jokes come to mind, but must…stay… focused. Adding a third kid to our family has created some new travel constraints, especially the size of car we need. To help us cut down the cost of the trip, my parents and sister’s family sacrificed time and energy to constantly switch around cars to make it work without us renting a van! We drove my sister’s minivan throughout the week, which was a huge blessing.

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Man of the House

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The power of a father’s voice is unparalleled. Whenever my dad would leave the house when I was a kid, he would say these simple words to me, “You are the man of the house while I am gone!” For a young boy, an apprentice to his dad, those words carried weight and dignity…even though he probably just meant taking out the trash and listening to my mom.

Unfortunately, the apprenticeship was short-lived. At the age of 7, that phrase became a reality. My father, on the way home from work, was hit by a train and died upon impact. A combination of missing road signs, the conductor not doing his job, and the desire to find a different radio station left a gaping hole in my family. Read More

Know with your heart

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Most people have now heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test, and the younger you are, the more assessments you have been asked to take to find the box you will be the most comfortable in. Although it can be taken too far, there are some incredibly helpful insights within exploring who God created you to be!

When it came to how I make decisions, based on thinking or feeling, I completely tipped the scales. Emotions were barely a factor. Logic reigns!

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My moment

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I remember the moment clearly. I had resistantly agreed to attend a Christmas Conference with Cru, a college ministry I connected with at Penn State. I honestly went to a bible study that freshman year out of a longing for something I couldn’t describe, but knew I didn’t want the religion that I had known.

I was listening to a few recent college graduates who had given a year of their life to travel to remote areas of the world to show the Jesus film. For some reason, God pierced through my cynicism.

Was faith more than just blindly following rules and missing out on fun in life? What if joy and adventure were part of the journey? Read More